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AZ IDEA Meetinggel párhuzamosan valósul meg Portugáliában a One square metre projekt, amely diákok és fiatal szakmabeliek jelentkezését várja, önálló, maximum 5 perces, egy négyzetmétert használó performanszok alkotására és bemutatására, az alábbi témákban:
1.      A dráma és a színház társadalmi célú használata
a.      Menekültek/migránsok
b.      Dráma/színház/művészetek és demokrácia
2.      Ökológia és fenntarthatóság világszinten és az IDEA rendszerén belül
3.      A jövő próbája – a múlt újraalkotása
Magyarországról 2-4 fiatal alkotó/diák kaphat lehetőséget a kiutazásra.
ONE SQUARE METRE CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ‘The SQUARE METRE can be a beautiful symbol for how we as artists can give ‘something’ to our spectator, and contribute to a (better) world in an artistic way. This is not by climbing on barricades and revolutions and promoting theatre as a utopian universe that contains the truth, but by projects that relate to our daily live.’

ONE SQAURE METRE is originally an idea of Tanya Hermsen, artistic director Theatre & Education, Academy for Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam.
What is the SQUARE METRE? One or more players in each square meter each time stand for the same challenge: create a ‘theatrical square metre’, with limited resources. That is why m2 also is a an exercise and a challenge around theatricality: each new performance asks the question to the theatrical effect of a spacial or other limitation. A dramaturgic experiment in combination with craftsmanship is necessary. The square meter/m2 can realize a mentally experience of theatre.
Each student/young professional chooses a working space of only one square meter. In this square metre they improvise on one of the themes of the Expert meetings of IDEA 25 years, culminating in a short performance of max. 5 minutes. They can work solo, in duo or trio.
The themes are:
1. Drama/theatre in use for social aims
a. Refugees/Migrants
b. Drama/Theatre/Arts and Democracy
2. Ecology –sustainability on global level and in the internal IDEA structure
3. Rehearsing the Future – Remaking the past
Looking/moving/thinking backwards versus looking/moving/thinking forwards IDEA Members can bring 2 to 4 students/young professionals to participate in this project. They have to find funding for travel costs, participation fee and stay themselves.
IDEA Members can bring 2 to 4 students/young professionals to participate in this project. They have to find funding for travel costs, participation fee and stay themselves.
The fee for participation IDEA 25 YEARS is:
Non-members = 125 US$ or 115 € Euro
IDEA members = 100 US$ or 90 € Euro
Non-members: 100 US$ or 90 €
IDEA Members: 80 US$ or 75 €
Bővebb információk:
Jelentkezés (március 19-ig): hudea01@gmail.com
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